Quick and Easy Hot Glue Stencil


I promised somewhere along the line that I would do a homemade stencil tutorial. So here goes! These are SO easy to make! I love that the designs are completely unique, but there are some limitations. For example, it’s difficult to get a really crisp stencil with this method so if that’s what you want, I would use mylar. The only other limitation that I can think of is your imagination!


  • high temp glue gun
  • high temp glue sticks
  • non stick surface of some sort (I’m using a cookie sheet)


Step 1: Gather your materials and make certain that your surface is something that your hot glue won’t stick to. I have read that you can use wax paper or aluminum foil. Trust me, both are not worth your time. I did have some success with parchment paper but that could get pricey. So an old cookie sheet or a dollar store cookie sheet will work just fine.


Step 2: Create your design! If you want to be more fussy about it you could draw your design onto your surface – I would use a washable marker or maybe a pencil? I’m simply free handing it. The only thing that you need to be careful about is making sure that all of your lines are touching so that your stencil will hold together. If any of the connections look weak you can go back and give them another dab of glue.

I like that the glue is kind of “blobby” and uneven. I think it lends a handcrafted look to an otherwise modern design. You can be as simple or complex as you like. If you use a smaller glue gun you can most certainly get some finer details in there. Don’t worry about the little strings that come off as you are making your design because you can easily clean those up when things have cooled down. Also, if you are unhappy with any of your lines you can carefully trim the glue with scissors or an exacto knife when you are done.

IMG_20160218_140707 (2)

Step 3: Let it completely cool off (this takes about 10-15 minutes) and then carefully lift it from your surface. Voila! A homemade stencil!

I will be using mine on an 18 x 18 inch pillow. So after the stencil above cooled I lifted it up and connected another three rows of circles.


Here it is in action for some sun printing!

IMG_20160218_151008 (1)

Here’s the finished product. If you would rather buy then DIY go here. 🙂


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