Why Blog?

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Why blog indeed? Does the world REALLY need another blog?! No, it really doesn’t. But I’m doing it anyways. Not because someone told me to…which they did and I didn’t listen, but because I actually have something to say!

After opening an Etsy store in 2014 and getting a few art fairs under my belt, I suddenly feel compelled to share my techniques. I have noticed that when I’m hunting on various blogs for inspiration or tutorials, bloggers will often show you their results but they don’t go into the specifics of how they did what they did. It’s such a tease and it’s SO annoying!

When I told folks that I planned to blog about what I do and share my “secrets” some people said, “But Renee then you will be creating competition for yourself.” Here’s what I think of that…first of all, I really hope that you are inspired to make what I make and if you have the chutzpah to open an Etsy shop and “compete” with me then more power to you! I know first hand that running a successful Etsy business is hard work and if I can help someone else to pursue their dreams and make a little cash then that would be AWESOME!

So what am I doing here? This blog will mostly be about surface design techniques. Unfortunately, I get bored easily and I’m constantly experimenting so you never know what you might find! I may talk about running a handmade business and my personal life may creep in here and there but I will try to keep that to a minimum.:) I also want to provide detailed tutorials with lots of pictures so that you can easily replicate what I have done or use it as a springboard for something else. I am unafraid to try new things and I’m extremely curious so I hope that my spirit of adventure and my passion for what I do comes through! Thanks for stopping by!